Thursday, 20 May 2010

As Promised..

Salam seme, as promised in previous entry,Neh I upload gambow Dinner Bond Of The Nite.  Actually we are not dressed well...whoppp..wooop..dont think we are not wearing any, we just not in the theme of the nite.. heheh, last minute br tau ada tema..ntah apa2 tah...bukan salah penganjur...salah kami gaks..Hehe..x amik tau psl tema.. Lucky me wearing in black on that nite..also not in theme but boleh laaa... Let picture speak...

B4 eat we need to control our self.  Buat2 jual mhl la ngn mknn depan mt. Jeling2 manja gitu.

This picture has been taken b4 acara melantak ~~so nice and sweet pose ~ 

uuuuuuuuu...yummy and tasty...Gulp~~

Look at the plate, no more rice.. This wat we call, enjoy the food~~

Neh, saper mkn cenggini???Comot tol...

Dah kenyang berleter plak...

~nice eating~

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